Our Tools

We work with you to design a unique strategy that aligns with your goals, allowing you to focus on what you do best. We ensure you have the most experienced and committed team supporting your goals because we believe online marketplaces should be a high-value extension of your brand. We determine the best practices and processes, tested by time and proven by results. We've developed a robust selection of solutions that lead to constant, incremental growth.

How will we grow your brand on Amazon?

 BRAND BUILDING                

There is no one size fits all in marketing. We use a broad range of strategies that  are uniquely targeted based on what your brand and products require. The goal is to improve the best sellers rank and to drive sales.


  MAP COMPLIANCES            

MAP violators wreak havoc on Amazon and can further aggravate distribution channels. Store owners feel violated that customers find their products on Amazon way below MAP. This may cause them to discontinue selling a brand or limiting their order volume. No brand owner needs explanation on the damage MAP violators cause. Our partners average 90% MAP compliance.

Here's how we will ensure MAP compliance:

  • Our customized program generates real time data regarding sellers violating MAP price.
  • It provides information about each MAP violator with detailed contact information.
  • We will have all MAP violators removed


We will ensure that all products are optimized with effective data and marketing tools. Here is how:


When you search a keyword on Amazon, there are endless results. The point is to get the best placement on the first page for the keyword you want to target. We will use targeted PPC Ads on Amazon, similar to Google AdWords, to drive sales and improve keyword ranking.

Product Variations

Variations allow buyers to customize a product selection based on different attributes including size, flavor, or other characteristics from the available options on a single detail page.

Amazon Mobile Optimization

During the holiday season, nearly 70% of Amazon.com customers used a mobile device to make purchases. Ranking on the mobile app is more challenging than the Amazon site.

We will ensure your product ranks well on the mobile app on the keyword you are targeting so you can tap into the Amazon mobile market too.

Images and Videos

According to Amazon, images are very important to customers, so quality matters. Choosing images that are clear, easy to understand, information-rich, and attractively presented is important in order for a product to sell. Images can do so much. You can use them to inspire, to persuade, and even tell a story. Images are so powerful; depending on its use and its quality, an image can make or break a sale. The Etools Digital Content Department effectively manages any images on page media.

Enhanced Brand Content

EBC is a useful tool that can increase your product sales while we build a recognizable brand on Amazon. EBC provides the advantage of engaging customers directly on the product detail pages. Adding EBC to the detail pages can increase traffic, conversion, and sales, and can help to reduce returns and bad reviews. We will enroll your brand in the Brand Registry program so your page looks more appealing.

New Product Launch

Etools has developed an effective approach when launching a new product. We will launch your new products on the Amazon platform with buzz.

Amazon Giveaway

Amazon Giveaway is an effective way to introduce customers to your brand with fun and interactive content. We will use Amazon Giveaway to increase product awareness, acquire new customers, and create a boost in sales through traditional and instant win sweepstakes for Amazon customers.

Amazon Giveaways that are public are promoted via “Today’s Giveaways” – an email subscription received by thousands of subscribers who are signed up to learn about new products and play Giveaways.

The Power of Reviews

Amazon has become a search engine much like Google. People turn to Amazon to research products. Oftentimes, you will find customers shopping in stores and checking Amazon reviews for reference about the product quality. This gives them a wider perspective about other people’s experiences with the product, other than what the store representative recommended.

Reviews must be managed well so the reputation of the brand, and product, stays intact and any person searching your product will be convinced to make the purchase.

Our customer service team consists of individuals that are passionate and trained in customer service for many years to ensure customers experience the best version of your brand. It happens often that customers leave negative seller feedback about the product. Our team will contact the customer and find out what did not meet the customers’ expectations. Perhaps the product was not taken the right way in the right amount. By talking to the customer we can learn and educate them about proper use of the product, thus maintaining the brand’s reputation and 5 star product and seller rating.



Stack and Save

Using advanced options, we will set up a promotion with a tiered discount structure to encourage the customer to buy more because they get a better discount.

Stack and Save is a way we offer customers a discount when they purchase a bundle of products.

Subscribe and Save

Subscribe & Save is a program that allows customers to get regular deliveries of products they purchase repeatedly using a subscription model. FBA Subscribe & Save makes it possible for eligible FBA sellers to offer self-funded discounts on their products for repeat customers. Subscribe & Save is a great option for products that need regular replenishing, such as supplements and sports nutrition. If a brand prefers to enable this option, we will make the proper changes and ensure there is the inventory management in place for subscription customers.

Competent Customer Service

The Etools team has been working in the supplement industry for several years selling a wide range of health and sports products. With the right information, our team accurately directs customers to products that will suit their lifestyle and needs.

Our customer care team will also respond to all negative reviews that customers leave by explaining what the product does and the right way to take it. In such a case of a negative review, we will try to win the customer back and show we care. Our team will also respond to all customer questions with informative and knowledgeable responses.



Our 100% temperature controlled facilities are optimized to prepare your items for sale on Amazon. We adhere to the strictest quality standards to ensure that the consumers receive your product in a manner consistent with the high-quality standards of your brand. Our process results in an improved customer experience, 100% in stock inventory levels, decreased breakage and returns, and more positive feedback from consumers on your products.

 LEGAL MATTERS                   

The supplement and sports industry can be tough at times. Amazon may close off listings due to customers’ complaints that certain ingredients are not FDA approved. In such a case, our legal team works with Amazon’s team to resolve the issue.